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About TIHA, Our Philosophy, and Our Services


Omowunmi Osinubi, MD. M.Sc., MBA, FRCA, ABIHM, IFM-CP, BCN

TIHA President

Dr. Omowunmi ('Wunmi) Osinubi is the President of Transformative Integrative Health Associates (TIHA). She is board certified in Preventive Medicine with specialization in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, as well as Functional Medicine. She provides clinical consultations using the functional matrix approach, integrative health modalities including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, exercise with oxygen including adaptive contrast therapy, light therapy, and whole health plant-based nutrition and nutraceuticals to support health and healing in those who have chronic health challenges and/or have sustained toxic exposures.

Dr. Osinubi is a clinical professor of environmental & occupational medicine. She has given and/or collaborated on more than 100 presentations at scientific conferences/public health-related meetings, and she continues to publish in scientific journals. She is recognized as a national subject matter expert in veterans health, occupational and environmental exposures and related health effects.


Dr. Osinubi harnesses the holistic power of oxygen, nutrition and light therapy to help her patients achieve optimal health and wellness.


Oxygen, Nutrition, and Light Therapy 

to Achieve Optimal Health & Wellness

Eight out of ten Americans are worried about their health and/or their income. Medical expenses can quickly decimate your savings and retirement.


Almost 7 out of 10 bankruptcies are due to sickness which is the most common cause of bankruptcy in USA.

At TIHA, we partner with you in your wellness goals so that you prosper and are in good health, just as your soul prospers.

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TIHA Services


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Healing and Anti-Aging

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (referred to as HBOT) uses a pressurized chamber often combined with increased oxygen dosing to allow the body to get extra supply of oxygen by dissolving oxygen into plasma and other body fluids so that the cells and tissues have the oxygen supply needed to heal and function optimally.


Our Multi-place HBOT can accommodate up to four people to enjoy collective therapy sessions and is designed for maximum comfort.

What are the Benefits of HBOT?

1. Reduction in inflammation and pain

2. Enhancement of the immune function

3. Regeneration of new cells; tissues and blood vessels

4. Improvement of mental focus and cognitive abilities

5. Recovery from traumatic brain Injury and post traumatic stress disorder

6. Faster healing of soft tissues, ligaments, fractures and wounds

7. Accelerated rehabilitation for athletes and sports injuries

8. Stem cell activation and anti-aging benefits.


What Health Conditions Benefit from HBOT?

HBOT is used in out-patient settings "off-label" for several conditions. For latest research that supports using HBOT to speed up healing and improve health:

Live O2 Adaptive Oxygen Contrast Exercise 

Power up with Oxygen for

Peak Performance and Vitality

1. Recover from fatigue

2. Tune your brain

3. Respiratory recovery

4. Optimize your immune system




The LiveO2 Secret Video:

LIVE PURE Nutrition

We UNITE for Excellent Health

Schedule your Nutrition Consult with Dr. Osinubi



PURE Whole Health Nutrition Delivered to your Door:

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