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Omowunmi Osinubi, MD, M.Sc., MBA, FRCA, ABIHM, IFM-CP, BCN
TIHA President


Transformative Integrative Health Associates (TIHA)

At TIHA, we partner with you in your wellness goals so that you prosper and are in good health, just as your soul prospers. We offer a number of services all to ensure that you achieve peak vitality and performance. Some of these services include our state of the art Hyperbaric O2 Therapy (HBOT) Chamber, Live O2 Adaptive Oxygen Contrast Exercise with Oxygen, and a number of health & wellness products.


Our  Services

Hyperbaric O2 Treatment (HBOT)

Hyperbaric O2 Therapy (HBOT)

Interested in O2 therapy for Healing and Anti-Aging?

Our HBOT Chamber can accommodate up to 4 people to enjoy collective therapy sessions and is designed for maximum comfort.

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Exercise with O2 Therapy

Looking to recover from fatigue, tune your brain, and optimize your immune system?

We offer Live O2 Adaptive Oxygen Contrast Exercise with Oxygen so that you can have peak performance and vitality!


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Live PURE Nutrition

We offer Live PURE-Whole Health Plant-based Nutrition products for your health and wellness. 


Schedule your Nutrition Consult with Dr. Osinubi and Get 25% off Retail Price as TIHA Preferred Customer

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Light Therapy for Health Rejuvenation

Coming Soon!


Our Facilities


PURE Nutrition for Peak Vitality and Performance